Sunday, July 22, 2018

The first part of the Wakhan corridor

Finally we can breath much easier again. Coming down from above 4000m to below 3000m makes activity easier again!
Easier but not easy, arriving in the valley the street conditions turn into a nightmare again and the head wind starts to blow stronger and stronger during the day until reaching its max around 15h.

Since all that is not sufficient, Michael decides to handicap himself. After having cut himself slightly while cutting ham, he insisted and tried to cut more. So it happens how it is supposed to happen... Michael cuts himself seriously close to the small finger!
Did he want to psychologically support Andi, who is still suffering from the 'gurr gurr'?

The next day, in the first village after 2days, in the first Cafe, we accidentally meet two Germans (and a bird eating directly from the bread basket). One of them, being a nurse, had a look at Michaels hand, gave him a new bandage and some fresh bandage material. Much better than anything we could have expected in any Tajik hospital!!
Does Michaels luck finally change...?