Saturday, July 21, 2018

From Murghab to the Wakhan corridor

We started the last stage on the Pamir plateau from Murghab fighting a steady strong head wind. After spending a night on a very nice campsite we passed by Alichur, still facing the wind.

These days Michaels luck stroke again. There were about 4 flat tires in two days and in addition one mantle had to be replaced. Meaning in total now 6:0 for Michael against Andi. We hope the repaired tires will hold the air until the end of the trip....

After a last view back to the plateau and the nicely asphalted street, we turned to cross the last pass of our trip which led us up to 4355m again. The climb was hard again and the street conditions got worse every km.

After the climb there was an amazing viewpoint offering an impressive panaroma on the Hindukush.

When Michael just went to see another viewpoint Andi set up his tent. And before Michael was back, somehow two young polish ladies were sleeping in Andis tent.
Michael was wondering, 'What is happening? Was I too long or too short away???'