Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Reaching the Pamir plaines

The end of the Bartang Valley brought us a very exhausting climb of about 600 height meters where we had to push our bikes because of the bad street conditions.

But at about 4000m the amazing view excused for all the previous exercise. We finally reached the 'roof of the world'.

At the end of the next day the wind turned and we had our first encounter with the strong head wind in the Pamir. We wanted to reach a lake which was on our maps, but it just was no longer there. So we had to fight the wind for another 10km with a cycling speed of about 5km/h. But we managed to find another water spot and a nice campsite.

We finally reached the turning point of our trip, the Karakul lake! This is an amazing place at 4000m surrounded by much higher mountains. You really can feel how the few people in this place have to struggle in winter times.

BTW, the curse of the 'gurr gurr' continues to follow us all the time....