Thursday, July 5, 2018

Dushanbe and back again

After a first night with a stunning view over the nurek lake, Michael's
bike fork just didn't want to continue the journey.
Since there was no way to repair it, he had to go back to Dushanbe and to
get new one. After the repair he tried to catch up with Andi who meanwhile
had continued to kulobod and the panj river.
On the way there the driver, first went home to get a spare wheel and then
after a about 200km just stopped and said 'gas problem', went out to check
the engine and continued
But finally, after repairing the front rack on the way to the meeting
point, Michael could catch up with Andi and we had a very nice place to
stay on a plateau over the panj River with direct view to Afghanistan!
!Spoiler alarm!
Bad roads ahead causing extensive material testing.